Bizarre Alleged Facts About Anthony Kiedis’ Father

August 23, 2019 Shyam Rawat 0

When you read Anthony Kiedis’ autobiography “Scar Tissue”, you can easily come up with two conclusions - he had grown up in a very atypical family and his father had influenced his life greatly. But the book turned to reveal several facts about his relationship with his father which are nothing but bizarre. The result of those life events - we have Anthony Kiedis the way we know him, but that doesn’t make those facts less insane. So, let’s check out the most bizarre facts from Kiedis’ relationship with his father.

Aside from Rock, Kiedis’ Father Introduced Him to Drugs

Kiedis’ parents divorced when he was a still a kid. The reasons for the divorce was his father drug use and quite an irresponsible lifestyle. John Michael Kiedis has an acting career, and judging from his IMDb page, not a very successful one. He is known for his stage name Blackie Dammett. After the divorce, Dammett moved to London, where he often visited parties with rock stars like Led Zeppelin and the Rolling Stones. In order to allow himself a lifestyle like that, Dammett sold drugs to the stars. He had been sending letters about his life and star acquaintances to your Anthony Kiedis. Fascinated by those stories,  the boy moved in with his father in Los Angeles in the mid 1970s, where he had met Cher, Debbie Harry, David Bowie, and smoked his first joint with his father.

So, Dammett already looks like a controversial father figure, but that’s only the beginning of the story.

Kiedis Allegedly Had His First Sexual Experience at the Age of Twelve With His Father’s Girlfriend

It was 1974, when Dammett took his son to the club where his 18 year old girlfriend was performing, After watching her dancing, Kiedis asked his father whether he can have sex with her, to which Dammett responded positively. After that, his father took his single babes and Kiedis home, where he put them together on the bed improvised out of the couple of mattresses, and that’s how Red Hot Chili Peppers’ frontman lost his virginity.

Kiedis’ Father Allegedly Encouraged His Son To Take Nude Pictures of His Girlfriend

According to Kiedis, he once had asked his father’s girlfriend if she wouldn’t mind if he would take some pictures of her with her t-shirt pulled up a bit, to which she agreed. But Kiedis’ father offered a different idea of a photoshoot, with his girlfriend completely naked. According to Kiedis he took some pictures and none of the them felt uncomfortable about it.